Verification and repair, maintenance of Weighbridges and any other scales, balances

Manufactrurer’s Authentication of Weighbridges

Our company is entitled for authentication of weighbridges. This means that the first time registration authentication can be carried ourselves with authorization of Rinstrum where we install our manufactured weighbridges with Rinstrum indicators.

Periodic Authentication of Weighbridges

At first, we check the status of the weighbridge. If necessary, we replace the damaged, rusted parts, measuring the ability of cells working, check the indicator, so we prepare the weighbridge for the authentication. On the date of the authentication, we provide the standard weight and one of our technician who can provide a professional help to carrying out a quick verification without any problem.

Verification of other balances, scales

As with the weighbridges, we provide verfication for any other type of scales, balances. Sometimes we check, improve and verify the scales on the site, but the practice is rather that we keep the scales in our workshop where our colleagues carry out the necessary works and we deliver verified scales to the customers.


Those scales that can not be authenticated, but it is necessary to know how accurate or the date of the periodic verification is not in time yet, but somebody wants to check the accuracy of the balance (scale) for some reason, then we check with calibration. The process is the same as the verification, but in the end the customer gets an calibration certificate from our company, instead of an authentication certificate. Of course, this document is giving an information for the owner of the scales only and those items what measured on these scales may not be marketed.

Repair and maintenance of weighbridges and any other balances, scales

We provide repair and maintenance for any type of scales, balances, weighbridges (weighbridges, animal scales, warehouse scales, desktop scales, balance tank) ont he site or in our workshop. Please note, that if we need to replace any of the main part of the weighbridge, scale, then the balance may need to be re-authenticated.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for buying weighbridges, scales.

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